2013-05-21 12:41:17

Intersteno internetsko natjecanje 2015.

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To qualify competitors must perform within the following limits:

Category Min. char./minute Max. % errors Children 150 1 % Pupils 180 1 % Juniors 200 1 % Seniors 240 0,5 %

Two types of championships:

Mother tongue: competitors write in their mother tongue. Multilingual competition: competitors take part in 2 or more of the 16 available languages on the Taki & Zav software. Only one attempt per each language is allowed.

Participation fees

5 euro for participation only in the mother tongue, 7 euro for competitors writing in two or more languages. The fee must be sent before 8 th March 2015 . Please contact the Intersteno representative in your Country or, if there is no representative:

Ekonomska ¹kola Pula